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Do video games contribute to violence?
I agree with you regarding this unhealthy "I MUST WIN" life that you describe, but I want to add, hoping to create a sort of comparison, that currently this "type" of society is the HEARTH of Japanese culture:
Quote:That's more or less the atmosphere with jobs in the US. Those who don't have the strength to survive this stress, get sick, go for drugs or whatever and develop all kinds of issues that create drop outs of them. They're the ones who can easily get to be violent.

In Japan, this kind of society creates a UNHAPPY CITIZEN, the main difference with U.S is that in Japan, A LOT OF PEOPLE DECIDE TO END THEIR LIFE. That's IS CRAZY too. Still, trying to reunite with thread title, videogames are not related to this.
In Japan the latest episode of violence was about a CRAZY/UNSTABLE man setting fire to Tokyo Animation Studio. (I suffered for it.)

Regarding your weapon discourse,

Quote:but it will be difficult to remove it as it's an alienable right of every US citizen to bear arms
 I agree with you about the self-defense right. I can't comment the right of bear arms because I am not american, but I still think that U.S is still a wild "uncontrolled" space where weapons are freely to move on.

Regarding families, I am TOTALLY agree with you, when my father tells me stories about my grandpa and his childhood, I think that IT IS A VERY FAR REALITY from me. You can think that OLD FAMILIES were strict, violent and too much fixed with traditions, but these strict act and traditions made my father, A VERY GOOD AND RESPECTABLE MAN. Nowadays the traditions, respect of family, RIGHT EDUCATION are fading away.

Quote:In which world a boy can hit a teacher due to a low score and then when boy's parents are summoned, they hit the teacher too because A TEACHER SHOULDN'T GIVE LOW SCORES? Are we really going to became like this?
If we were to apply the behavior of old families, to answer at such violence from the boy the teacher would have beat up the boy (In a "educator" way) and then when boy's parent were summoned... well his parent would have beat up his SON really badly, because he didn't show respect.
*This is a not so recent fact that I read on journal

EVERYTHING starts from family, no school nor society can teach you what a family can.
(08-16-2019, 05:26 PM)LightDestory Wrote:  EVERYTHING starts from family, no school nor society can teach you what a family can.
You're so right @LightDestory.  I know that family is held in very high esteem in Italy.  Also in the United Arab Emirates while I was living there.  I totally admired that ethic as it contributes to a much more positive environment to live in.

I'm very glad I don't live in the US.  I realize there are so many great places to live however, like Hawai, California, Arizona, New Mexico, but all of that killing just doesn't work for me.

I think we've exhausted this topic now.  Verdict is that games don't cause people to kill.  People kill for many reasons.  Games could be a tool for coaching people to kill - like in dark areas of the Internet, but that's on the extreme end and outside the scope of what Trump was talking about.

Thank you for every one who responded. Good to know what the popular thinking is about Trump's statement.
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