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Easy way to upgrade Debian 9 to Debian 10
(04-07-2020, 05:45 PM)ikk157 Wrote:  This can be done on VPS 9 since it’s all done using SSH, no panel is involved 

HOWEVER, I do not recommend doing it on VPS 9. Since if anything goes wrong, you’ll then need to request an OS re-install which the admins can only do for you. And due to the fact that the admins constantly emphasize that VPS 9 owners should never perform anything risky, I doubt that they’ll be happy with that request.

You absolutely got my thoughts. because VPS-9 in unmanaged. and i also bear this situation in past. and lost access to my machine. i wish provider also gave us virtualizer  CP for self control. Webmin and Cpanal also make failure in system files and situation out of control and at the end i request to reinstall OS. 
So thanks for ultimate me.
@hamed @sagher

Have you both ignored the red text that is placed at almost the top of the tutorial post?

It answers your questions pretty much in terms of if you should do this or not and when you should do it or not.

About the question by @hamed: During the upgrade the packages are upgraded and the kernel. Of course partially configurations are replaced with newer versions that come with the new software. However for everything you changed or custom configured you will be asked mostly if you wish to replace the configuration or keep the original. And for the most it will NOT replace any configuration during an upgrade. So nothing is mixed up. You are still just upgrading the packages to the level the newer Debian version.

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