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Host4Fun Budget VPS Hosting

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FREE VPS 3 locations by LNB-Hosting from HostLease.
Dear Post4VPS members,

Please give a thank you to HostLease because they could offer us a VPS. That is why we have a giveaway for the VPS on LNB Hosting. If you would like a VPS, make sure you make enough posts on the forum of LNB-Hosting. Required posts can be found on the LNB forum. current duran 1 year. Will extended.

Available location:
Dallas, TX
Atlanta, GA
New York, Manhatten

Requirements: A backlink to Post4VPS and HostLease!

Happy VPS hosting guys Smile

VPS 1 Specs - 15 posts [b]before you can apply and then 100 Credits per month![/b]
1 CPU Core
50GB Premium Bandwidth
1 IPv4

VPS 2 Specs - 22 Posts [b]before you can apply and then 250 Credits per month![/b]
1 CPU Core
100GB Premium Bandwidth
1x IPv4

VPS 3 Specs - 34 Posts [b]before you can apply and then 500 Credits per month![/b]
1024MB ( 1GB ) RAM
1 CPU Core
2000GB Premium Bandwidth
1x IPv4
HostLease Media Group Netherlands
World Leader in Hosting Services
The best knowledge user for VPN Services
Finally another good free hosting without much limits
Btw I suggest making all with 20 posts and give the higher VPS to the high posting user
Gimme +rep Heart
[Image: img.php?userid=496]
Thanks For Post4VPS and Virmach for the amazing VPS 9
Yes. We offer also in 3 locations. Dallas, Atlanta and New York.
HostLease Media Group Netherlands
World Leader in Hosting Services
The best knowledge user for VPN Services
Congratulations everyone, For having 2nd platform again where you can apply for free VPS. We had and but unfortunately we all have seen that how shut their forum down. After that incident happened, We all were worried about Post4VPS but thanks to @Dynamo and he's team. It's really appreciable how they've manage it and thanks to all our "Sponsors" Without them this platform was nothing.

Thanks @Pacific Spirit for giving us a 2nd platform once again, Which your LNB best of luck, You already know i'm available if you want me as staff.

(06-14-2019, 04:55 PM)youssefbasha Wrote:  Finally another good free hosting without much limits
Btw I suggest making all with 20 posts and give the higher VPS to the high posting user

Without sponsorship, LNB providing 3 types of plans located in different areas of the world i think it's really huge beginning of new forum, I don't know about P4V or history both forum once started from small VPSs plan(s) so i think it's a huge begin, Best of luck @Pacific Spirit.
Best regards,
Support Team of Post4VPS.
Thanks to VirMach for Sponsorship and Thanks Post4VPS for providing me a great VPS: 9
Why do most hosts only provide VPSs from the USA? i thing most members need natherlands or germany or france vps Sad
Thanks Post4Vps And Host4Fun For KVM VPS
I can venture a guess if you like. The dedicated boxes and bandwidth comes cheaper and also most new hists spawn there and so might have easy access.

but yes. hope they add some European locations eventually.
Thanks to and for my awesome vps8.
great vps for giving for free base on posts the specifications are really cool gonna take a look on this giveaway and apply one of the vps you offer
I got one of them
1GB RAM with a 20GB SSD
The Performance is also amazing!
I am sleeping !
I Want VPS Smile
I Know Everything About VPS And VPS Worker Too.

I Am New And I Don't Know Much About The Participating In Forum.
To be honest, I'm pretty confused and wanted to raise some question about this.
Is it like P4V, 15 posts & 100 credits, or users can choose which they wanted to have bigger?
I mean, maybe they can have 10 posts and 100 credits (seems impossible, but who knows?). Then as your requirement, 15 posts OR 100 credits, they may apply for the VPS already. Is this right? Or you seems typo?
This also applied for the minimum requirement to keep the VPS.

Anyway, congratulations, both VPS hunter and LNB Hosting!
Thanks to HostDoc and Post4VPS for providing me excellent VPS 13!
Give me questions I can't answer not answers I can't question. - Richard Feynman

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