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Google Search getting smarter or dumber ?
firstly, I would like to apologize for such a title. Here I am going to present only one example which I found myself during my surfing. In it, DuckDuckGo search seems to be clearly ahead in ordering the results according to relevance and possible intent.

i was looking for the updated versions of physics books called Karlsruhe physics course. I discovered that Google doesn't even show a link to that page on its first page of results. only a link to one pdf book and that too at the 8th position. I remember the English home page used to be at the top. Then i felt curious and went to DuckDuckGo. voila !! at the top.

here are the pictures..



Google bottom portion

it seems in their search for relevance and accuracy and contextual signal and all that, employing AI and what not,they are returning some really poor results sometimes..

This is just one example. But it makes me happy and hopeful, that may be other engines will get more of the share and loosen the grip with which Google is holding the market.

Such a monopoly is not healthy. It gives them just too much power to control publicity and exposure. not good at all.

please spread the word and ask people to use other search engines too.

oh...i would love if you guys can come up with similar examples of your own and post them below. thanks
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the ai is getting smarter because everytime the user use it it will use the data to train itself

it is getting dumber because google intentionally discourage competitor and ban the thing that they dont like . basically google search is filtered
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TBH you know I'd say that these search results, filters and so on, vary from one search engine to another, and thus the results are displayed. Neither the search filter which Google uses is the same as DuckDuckGo, nor is the search filter. Exceptions of this sort are quite natural, especially if you go on to compare the two. You'll find many such controversial things but I'd say that it depends to a great extent on the website as well.

If you're talking about these websites on the basis of how they're indexed you'll see that it's where the difference lies and thus, results vary. Ofc I too do not encourage monopoly and I'd like this competition to go on. This is what I feel about your thread.
Sayan Bhattacharyya,

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Absolutely right! Google is getting dumber.On facebook i had read that most of the bloggers now hate Google algorithm. Google now just search for the words and check the number of words on page. They don't check if whether the searched thing is available on page or not simply read the number of words.But most of the users are still sticked at google. Because google is getting more secure. All of there results are safe.

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I agree with rehan, google is just now searching for the exactly same words you typed and that makes it dumber.
I appreciate the security of google to give us safe results.
Google search is probably also one of the most filtered and censored search engines due to Google being so big and popular. A lot of piracy related things get wiped by DMCA. Stuff about China gets wiped because Chinese government wants so. Many other similar things happen because someone wants something or has something against someone/something else.

Actually don't forget there is a "how to Google". There are ways to improve the search results for more accuracy. Dorks and other helpful things also exist!
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but i doubt normal people have time to learn that how to Google. we just want to search what we would ask another person. and get a relevant result. we want what we would expect from another person. and may be, after that, we want what might be better, if the system understands meaning, semantics, relevance.

but it happens often Thai those results are not even on the first page. or as in this case, were on the top but now not any more.

that's is not good.

also i personally don't like monopolies. that is unhealthy.
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@rudra I agree fully with you.  I did a search today on a person and used quotation marks to include both first name and last name to make sure it is only one individual with that last name and I also got gibberish in return.  More times than not Google gives me what Googles want me to get, instead of what I am asking Google to give me.

To tell the truth though, Google search engine is still for me the better one out there. I'm still waiting for a really really great one to beat Google at searches.
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Google is dumb if they don't rank my website. They're smart if they charge less CPC for conversions for me Smile
For private searches(OSINT Operations, Data extraction, Doxing and etc), I prefer using DuckDuckGo.
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Google or any AI (Artificial Intelligence) are smarter if you are smart and know how to ask something from him. key words and criteria matters. but one more thing... google not reaches to mom intelligence. so be-aware before make your mom fool. :p

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