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How If I Create a Thread with Similar Subject?
Hi there,

I have no idea where to post this, so if Admin know the right place you guys can move my thread to another place.
So I come to Post4VPS after busy first week of May and just went to many thread to find which one I can talk and post my opinion about it. Then I realised that the link of each thread made by its subject.

For example:
The Last Movie You Watched:

It started with Thread- and then the thread subject. So, how if I make another thread with the same subject, is it going to break the forum? Or did Admin already thought about this and have any solution? The topic will be merge if I create a new one with the same subject though :p. I would like to see how this is working.

Thank you!
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@tiwil  Moved to feedback and suggestions Forum.

To be honest I had to scratch my head to understand what you wanted from the discussion.  I was thinking of deleting the topic, as I am concerned of spam responses, but thought to provide you a direction of where to find your answers and lock the topic instead.

Logically myBB won't allow you to make duplicate subject threads. Each thread has a unique ID and if you check other Forums you'll see most of them have a unique number ID in the thread URL instead of the topic of the thread. The topic you see is part of a friendly URL that you add through a SEO plugin. Subjects could be duplicated, but ID always will be unique. Suggest you visit the myBB Community Forum to learn more about this, Google it or create your own dummy myBB Forum if you are interested to learn more and want to see what it looks like. 

- closed -
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