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Lack of quality content, member contributions and interest (state of the community)
Dear Post4VPS Community Forum Members & Staff


Before I begin to write down what I want to say by posting this thread I would like to take a few sentences and explain what exactly this is about and what it isn't about.

- This thread isn't supposed to be a complaint towards / about the community members or staff members.
- I don't attempt / plan to offend, irritate or attack anyone with statements made here.
- I simply want to summarize the overall state of the forum(s) based on my view.
- I will not present detailed and real examples to avoid identifying any member.

So please don't take the statements here personally or too serious. If you should feel offended, irritated or attacked, well, I'm sorry.


1. I would like to start with the point of quality content. Sadly there is not much new quality content. By that I mean that at some point members simply stopped posting useful things such as tutorials, guidelines, interesting discussions about some news, security tips and et cetera. So there is barely anything new and interesting or useful posted here during the last months. Instead members resort to posting in the same topic or create topics with already existing subjects (which is fine I guess because the rules forbid bumping even with contributions and encourage to open a new topic).

2. The next problem I see is simply the overall lack of contributions by members. I barely see anyone coming up with new ideas for things to keep this forum nice and active. If I see anyone then these are the people who are always active anyway and do their best but the rest shows no sign of interest. That's really sad because it makes the whole forum boring and slow (not in terms of loading speed of the site and et cetera).

3. Next up is the lack of interest. By that I mean what I already said above but also a bit more. Some members (no names) don't have any interest to have any kind of respectful communication. When you are trying to help them they evade answering simple questions that would provide information to find a solution. And then there is the general disrespectful way where certain members are absolutely bossy to everyone and everything. This isn't alright at all. They start to be sarcastic in every way when you TRY have a normal communication with them. Last but not least they mostly completely ignore almost everyone else.

There also seems to be barely any interest for the most members to help in support cases. That however might be maybe simply due to lack of knowledge. Otherwise however it is sad to see that only a few people care to help out and provide solutions and tips.


How do you see the current state? What do you have to say about the statements? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you have anything to add?

I would like once again thank the members who are active here and help out where they can with their contributions. The staff also deserves a big thanks for keeping the forum clean and running.
With best regards
Hidden Refuge
tutorial and guide on this forum is declining . i agree with that . for new ideas there is some post talking about this like recently the idea for advertiser rules that advertise and run on this forum

for contribution i hope that this forum not only can be used for getting a vps but also for communication like solving a problem . there is sometime still a post about solving a problem that member had like website , server , coding problem or any other problem

the best thing to do is not to look to other people but look to yourself . what you done to this forum . and try to improvize it
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The suggestion to improve or rather rethink the advertising rules for providers that post their paid offers isn't what I meant with new ideas and suggestions. I mean a lot more than that. Things to keep the forum fresh and lively. While the rules for advertising are necessary the will certainly harm the forum more at the beginning than being helpful (because they will most likely drive away advertisers that are looking for a quick way to advertise thus leading to a much lower number of adverts). By saying that I don't mean that the suggestion is bad! It is necessary indeed to keep the forum clean. I myself have reported so many providers and advertisers to staff already in the last days and in the past.

Well, contribution... Of course this forum is supposed to be more than just providing help. That's what I mean. The very new and recent things are the literally mostly only support cases. Which is great, too. I mean after all we can help someone with their issues and possibly resolve it. If that is all we do though... Well, don't even know what to say. I believe the site deserves more than just that, right?

While the statement "look at yourself and see what you can do to improve things" is generally true the fact that you should act as a good member and look out for others shouldn't be forgotten. That's a little issue that I've seen with some members. I always give my best and look how and where I can help out even if that means people may think of me "he's a smarta**" or something similar. And I'm just a human, too. Not every attempt to help or provide information always works out.

A note regarding a few more things: support and help is an important subject on this site, especially with the VPSs. I find it very sad how people cheap out on providing information about their issue. Every time I have to ask for basics like the OS because it matters. Setting up something on Debian / Ubuntu is not always the same as setting it up on CentOS or other Linux distributions.

About that though I can tell a story. Even with guidelines... people simply ignored them and provided barely any information other than the problem description. Even in real life in the company I work this is often so. However we at least know with what kind of systems and software our employees work. Server market is way more stressful if you have people that simply say "this or that isn't working on my server and I get this error".

With best regards
Hidden Refuge
Special thanks to Hidden you always been such a great full & helpful and fast respond guy, u always trying your best to solve our problems. Alright i agree with you, as i can see the forum ain't active as usual, people ain't doing their best, to help, share new things etc but what i can say NOT all people have knowledge depends on them, i can talk about myslef i'm not very good with machines but a good thing about me that i can learn so fast and i won't give up in till i reach my goal so the summarize is that some people doing what they can. because the word best can lead us to alot of spams in this community so we need creative things.
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I agreed with every points you mentioned, I think the main reason is point #3 (lack of interest) People stop posting and contributing content because lack of interest. We all expecting something new from this community for knowledge or our VPS, etc but non of us want to contribute so other person get benefit from your thread and he also should think about the community in same direction.

I still in favor of events to get attention from new users, Personally i and many of you've suggested great ideas, All we need to organize these events. Hope for the best.
Best Regards
Support Team of Post4VPS.

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Of course no one expects you and others to be experts at everything. You can post about what you ever you are good at Smile . The current problem is that even this is something that isn't being done much. No one remotely posts anything they actually made on/with their VPSs or elsewhere.


Events are a great idea Smile . I support it. So far I have seen that the idea is stalling due to issues with what the prizes should be, right?
With best regards
Hidden Refuge
i have read and heard your opinion.

i will follow up with a idea once i have the time.
You are absolutely right! Every single word is very important.All of the points you mentioned are true.
For me this is due to reaching 20 posts easily, most of the members ( including me ) reach their monthly posts by posting in " Off-Topic " and " General " section in simple threads ( last movie you have watched, tv serial you are watching, How Many Pets You have? etc. ).Post count in these sections should be disabled.Or the monthly posts should be counted if the post score is atleast 5 or more.

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(06-08-2019, 07:08 PM)Hidden Refuge Wrote:  Events are a great idea Smile . I support it. So far I have seen that the idea is stalling due to issues with what the prizes should be, right?

Exactly, We can't decide the prize of the event, I've suggest reduce monthly requirement and many users suggest different ideas but @deanhills said: Having free VPS is itself a prize which i agree 100% but we need to do some events for attention.

You can read suggestions and help us to improve the system of event we about it organized after @Dynamo approval.
[Event Suggestion] Monthly contest
[Event Suggestion] Top Poster monthly contest
Best Regards
Support Team of Post4VPS.

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I hope this is a positive discussion to improve the the functions of community, I will reduce the number of words I use to suggest my own ideas.
I used to manage some communities before, putting more restrictions I feel it will decrease the interest rather than increasing the interest of users, less topics to respond the lesser activities in community.
Recently I see some posts are more lengthy to read which most people will skim to the end. People may not get interested to read a big post, I think the word count per post must be controlled by authors. It is not quality.

In my experience
1. Quality is not about number of words in a post.I suggest adding a conclusion to posts which are very big.

2. More restrictions will result in less activities.
3. This is not an expert forum only of webmasters(most expert webmasters will have their own business), but also it attracts students and new developers. Newbies may not post tutorials or technical things, if only VPS matters allowed or counted they will not be able to get started.

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