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@youssefbasha You did get the point "FireX Hosting Owner".
(10-18-2019, 12:29 PM)Neoon Wrote:  @youssefbasha You did get the point "FireX Hosting Owner".

I want it for personal use, Im not gonna use it for my company.
My personal discord bot and a webscript (just testing and I will remove it after testing).
Gimme +rep Heart
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Thanks For Post4VPS and Bladenode for the amazing VPS 6
(10-18-2019, 08:16 AM)Neoon Wrote:  @tiwil Deployed.

Aha! Thank you very much.
I've done configurating the VPS with and currently running my discord bot. It runs so smoothly. I don't feel any network issue when communicating to the VPS, I feel it's not in the US, but it is :p.

@Neoon, if you have capability to reduce it to minimum, I think you can set my disk space to only 5GB in order to supply another 5GB to other user. I'm happy with the current lowest specs.

Anyway, is there any requirement I should pass to keep this VPS? Or there is no requirement at all?
Thanks to HostDoc and Post4VPS for providing me excellent VPS 13!
Give me questions I can't answer not answers I can't question. - Richard Feynman
@tiwil Nice to hear.

Fremont has 500GB Storage available so no need for that.
The only thing you have to do is active usage.

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