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New Year's resolutions ???
So 2019 is about to end and 2020 gonna be starting soon, depending on where you live. What are your resolutions for this year 2020? Any personal goals?

I have several of those,
1. I need a new car! I have been living in city central for too long and it's been a while since I owned a car. This year I'm planning to move to the borders of the city and work remotely. So I think I'm gonna need a car even though I can take a bus without a problem.
2. I need to master python by the end of the year 2020. This is something I have postponed too long.
3. In 2020, I need to start workout and swimming again. 2019 was not great for healthwise. So I was not doing much of this stuff.
4. I guess I want to earn more money. But again this is something we want every year. xD

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

There are quite a few things i would like to achieve in 2020 but there are 2 most and foremost things i would like to work on in 2020 would be to learn any advance programming language currently i do coding in Java/C++/C but im not the best in them , I just want to a lot more about Java or any language in 2020 , possible work on some bigger better projects than i currently work on, secondly I go daily to gym right now but its just casual gym , in 2020 i want to workout hard and a better body Big Grin
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I'd like to see whether when Windows 7 support comes to an end this month I can move over to Linux and find a GUI that works for me.  I'll probably still stick with Windows 7 for a while though, even when it's no longer supported.  

Like @xdude I also need to get more fit and follow a new lifestyle plan of sorts.  Challenge of course is to make it part of a daily lifestyle.  

I also need to find a new way to earn income.  May mean I need to change what I've been doing and think much more creatively and out of the box.  Thinking
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My new year’s resolution is 8K!

Get it? No? Anyone? I’ll see myself out.

Jokes aside, 2020 would be a very stressful year for me. I’ve got many exams that would pretty much determine my life and career. And they are nowhere close to easy.

So my new year’s resolution would be to do my best in them and hopefully push through without any bad results. Fingers crossed.
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