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Nvidia's latest Rtx 30 series reveal
So as we all may know Nvidia released the beautiful designed and well performing Rtx 30 series graphic cards with GDDRX6 memory type that will take ray tracing and graphic design in Video games to a whole new level, Nvidia stated that the Rtx 3080 requires less power usage and literally does double the performance of the Rtx 2080, Of course when comparing it to each other 1:1, first... let's have a minute of silence for those who upgraded to RTX 2080 ti which cost 1.199$ USD, because apparently the 3080 ti is getting a price cut and launching in the 17th of september starting at 699$, it really is sad for those people who spent all of that money expecting that the 3080 ti would be highly expensive, but turns out not, not everyone can predict how the Market works.
it is a smart idea for Nvidia to work hard for a less power consuming graphic card and a 400$ USD price cut from the past Rtx generation to the new Rtx 30 generation, the announcement of these two elements will attract the viewer's or listener's attention in a finger snap, they really deserved it, currently as myself being thankful enough that at the end of the day after work i can release some stress playing some video games and chill with my friends, What do you guys have in mind ? should everyone skip this generation and invest in later ones ? as many have stated that 2080 ti's deliver pleasant performance to users based on what i personally have read, to the point where upgrades aren't neccessary at the moment, who knows ?! maybe we will witness something even bigger. Less power consuming with quadruple the performance of the 3080 ti and a massive price cut.
Nvidia basically undid what they had done in the release of RTX 2xxx series. They had put alot of faith in their "Ray Tracing" feature and that did not end up that well for Nvidia, hence this time they partnered with Samsung's 8nm architecture instead of TSMC which helped reduce the costs by alot. This time Nvidia is back to their usual gen improvements (tho this gen was a bit too good), but in the end I guess Its a win for all. (The Budget as well as the enthusiast)
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