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OnePlus might be planning to reveal their own foldable phone
Recently companies have started releasing foldable tech, which I still consider an "evolving tech", as It's still very very expensive and not worth yet, Samsung and Motorola were two major companies who have revealed some foldable tech tho there are several others..OnePlus might be up to something too as the company recently said they'd be revealing something that is an "alternative" to the usual mobile phones.

Experts have pointed out that Its most likely going to be their iteration of a foldable phone, So far I like Motorola's version more than Samsung's but its impressive what these companies can make, and more competition is always good for the consumers so I hope if OnePlus does actually end up releasing a foldable phone, Its not a total flop and is somewhat a unique approach to the foldable tech.

To read more about this, please head on here
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Eventhough its an evolving tech and I enjoy looking at these phones or gadgets being released , I would never think these devices to be my daily usage device at all , it just seems a lot of hassle getting involved in buying these phones. So whichever releases these phones I wouldnt care much , ill just sit back and watch it evolve or Maybe they make some interesting innovation which might change my mind , who knows Tongue
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I honestly am not a very big fan of this whole “foldable phones” thing that people are going crazy about.

They’re completely ugly in my opinion. And way too expensive for what you’re getting to be honest. Not to mention just how fragile they are! They’re also very bulky.

The entire point is to be able to fit a bigger screen in your pocket. But honestly, there really is no point in getting a bigger screen for a smartphone nowadays. The sizes are already ideal, so having a bigger screen really doesn’t make it a more pleasant experience.

This honestly is just one of the pointless trends that people are tricked into liking.
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I think that OnePlus foldable, much like Samsung and Huawei ones, will be likely a flop.
The technology used on these foldables is still under development and not ready for a daily usage device, the flexible plastic feels cheap and it is so easy to scratch it, we are talking like a level 3 of scratching tough, and most of the daily application aren't optimized for a flexible display. Let's don't mention the horrible curve that follows the point of flex.

Moreover a larger screen without a proper battery will result on a device that will last less than a normal one, we are still developing the new graphene batteries.

Lastly the price, these prototype, and yes I classify them as prototypes, cost A LOT: Samsung Fold is just out of league for normal people same goes for the Huawei one. Speaking of OnePlus I doubt that they will put it on market at a reasonable price: OnePlus stopped being itself some years ago, after the OP3, and now it is just a no-so-uncommon brand looking for your money.

Let's think about OnePlus pricing that has been increasing every year so far.
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