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PUBG Banned in Pakistan
Well, I don't know how Indian gamer will react to this. But in Pakistan High court has ordered PTA to lift the ban but they refused to do so. Now from 3 days Gamer are tagging Prime Minister and other politicians to do something. But no one has responded yet. On 27 July a total of 1.16 million tags tweets were posted with Prime Minister's name to lift the ban. He did not responded. Yesterday a total 700k tweets were posted with a resign tag for the prime minister. I don't know whats going on. But we are very hopeful that very sooner or later they have to lift ban.

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The thing is, as @Khadeer143 said, you can ban it from the PlayStore and AppStore at the most, but not everywhere. I can get it downloaded in an hour from third party sources and it'll work as good as the one released on PlayStore (it's basically a clone of what's uploaded there).

I'm my personal opinion, you can neither express your sh*t ambitious nature and hate against China nor can you stop people from playing the game by banning it.

If the Goverment is really interested in catering to the ruin caused by addiction on the game, it should do something in that direction instead of just banning the game. Really pointless IMO.
Sayan Bhattacharyya,

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@sohamb03 absolutely right soham, last night when i was playing PUBG, two of my Indian friends asked me for my instagram.Today i saw that they have messaged me just to know which is best free VPN for PUBG. Most of the PUBG players are getting prepared for it. A ban can not stop players to play. On the other hand about downloading the game, in Pakistan we can still download PUBG from Google Play easily without any VPN. They have just blocked PUBG server in Pakistan.Whenever we start the game we active the VPN and after starting the match we disable it. Simply we can play same as usual. I don't know what our Govt wants to prove. Honestly India is going to ruin its Economy just like Pakistan. Mostly whenever we search for PUBG related things on youtube we get most of Indian Youtuber's videos.They have more than a million subscribers.The one who is earning 500 or more dollars every month will never be agree with this decision. In Pakistan Waqar Zaka a social media influencer is standing with Gamers. He is doing his best to lift the ban. I hope there will be a Waqar Zaka for Indian gamers.

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Its common many players like mortal,dynamo scope still don't want to loose pubg game because pugb game bring them a good frame and they played international matches of pubg tournament also so even India ban pubg it doesn't affect because there will another way to play it using vpn,or downloading game from other country versions so govt think its banned but players can still play pubg its same like adult websites using VPN we can access those sites as I see now airtle remove adult websites restriction also
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I think there are different reasons that are bringing India to ban PUBG.

First, this game seems to create a sort of addiction to young people such as child or even youngsters. Maybe the school recorded a low partecipation of them to the activities?

The other reason is much simple: the developer under PUBG mobile is TenCent, a chinese enthertainment company. Recently India adopted a lot of decisions anti-China, maybe influeced by USA?, and taking down one of the big money share is likely a straigh decision which that mindset, yeah PUBG Mobile is a gold mine right now.
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I play PUBG too and I can agree that it can get addictive. It's been couple of months that I have stopped planning PUBG as break.

The reason why PUBG got banned seems strange in Pakistan. It is not good to see news of a boy killing himself because of PUBG. I know you can get frustrated if you loose too many times but you wouldn't kill yourself. I would blame parenting for that. May be if someone could gives us detailed information of what really happened?

PUBG is a revolutionary mobile game so let's not blame it. Why not we have a proper habit of e-gaming? Like limiting the hours of e-gaming?
As per latest news from Govt of Pakistan the Ban is off from PUBG game and Govt officials. i also seen it on many Pakistan's News channels headlines that PTI Govt decide to Releases Ban on PUBG however gamers are looks so happy. even many of my friends who exhausted to use VPN to play PUBG because free VPN has high ping and too much freezing and time laps in game. SO it is a eid gift for you friends , from Pakistan.
Since ban has been lifted, we can probably close this thread now.

@sAmI if you would like it to be re-opened for any reason, please PM me.
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