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Possible reasons for revival of Minecraft
Pewdiepie might be one, but other than that what else??
Its not like that they introduced a ground-breaking, game-transforming update either.
Minecraft recently had their 10th year anniversary, which might be why people wanted to give it a try again for the sake of nostalgia, and you're wrong about not introducing a ground breaking update, the 1.13 update was actually a very well planned update, and introduced much of the stuff that you see in the game(Waterlogged blocks being the biggest change imo), and moreover, following Pewdiepie hundreds of other youtubers also started playing it again, either be it for following the trend or cashing in on it.
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Well, I can say that Minecraft is not alive like the past.

According to me the best period of Minecraft was 1.5/1.6, at that time bukkit and mods were at their prime. Nowadays updating mods is always more complicated due to the major changes on codebase. But luckly Mojang released recently the map file that helps MinecraftForge's developers on their work.

Mojand and Microsoft are trying really hard to keep Minecraft alive, they announced RTX support for Minecraft, Minecraft: The Movie, Minecraft Earth. I think that the recent pewdiepie got sponsored by Microsoft to play Minecraft again. Who knows.
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Is it still possible to make money by mining in minecraft? I heard some crazy rumours about huge workshops in Asia where many people would work round the clock to mine with it. Maybe this was realted to the demise of the game, or peole just moved on.
well there is three main reason

first is they make great update recently . addressing the thing that is bad on minecraft like the useless village for example . they update the villager and improve it with many feature on villager end . and the next update is probably fixing thing that bad too

and second is because pewdiepie do a lets play on it and it is extremely succesfull that make lot of youtuber come back to this game . and this also tie with the no 3

and last is the game itself . the game is endless and that what make minecraft worth revisiting and any other great game
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Minecraft has released great updates throughout the years that helped the games success on the platforms. They did a great job with everything they've introduced, besides Xbox content of course.
Without the updates, I am not so sure the game would have survived. But then again it is loved by many and played by almost everyone that has an Xbox.
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I have been playing minecraft for 6 years now, we all know minecraft as a survival gamemode , but its not just that survival gamemode , the modifications that game can have is infinite , making infinite amount of different gamemodes if you get bored of one gamemode there are several others to play , it is never ending and honestly really fun. As said up above , the updates, Pewdiepie's minecraft series is just boosting the game more and more.
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