Poll: Should it be a good idea to change from MyBB to Xenforo?
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I am pretty sure, I am willing help to donate.
No, MyBB is perfect, it is not really need to change.
I let the staff decide.
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[Rejected] ⚡MyBB⚡or⚡Xenforo?⚡
See, according to dear friends, because MyBB is a famous brand, it will undoubtedly be chosen. But I suggest you try XenForo because it has great support, but unfortunately, few templates for installing on the website are so good for people who can design the template. Good luck
Thanks Post4VPS
I know some might think about using "MyBB" is not professional but the work we laid out for Post4VPS with MyBB will be difficult not impossible to replicate and will require too much of a work from me and Dynamo as migrating plugins and stuff from one platform to another is always a pain and hiring an exlcusive which we might be consider if we can pay $$$ the current Post4VPS is self sufficient and might not need any intervention from me or Dynamo at all as our giveaway manager is handling the work about managing a community pretty well and considering our "user for user" approach there are many experts to help out others and if not i do step up to help them although it's rare to find an issue needs my advise or expertise. As for xenforo i am not completely against it as i have experience using it as well as IPS suite and some other notorious forum platform while my personal favorite is IPS suite the cost per performance ratio dooesn't even come close for me i want something i can constantly temper with(might be different for others) adn being an "open source" is always a huge point towards consideration.

I remember about my time when i first setup a mybb installation locally to test it out and really liked it so much as migrating it and testing it on numerous platforms and it was really great, for new modern standards set by discourse and other platform it might be lacking but it does it work perfectly fine being an open source and complete package all in one.

[Image: a3ad5cfbf5.png]
[Image: trk1]
(04-05-2021, 01:42 PM)Pacific Spirit Wrote: I was once thinking, but why can't we help Post4VPS with a switch from MyBB to Xenforo, well my opinion is that MyBB is a bit old-fashioned, Xenforo has a very nice design and I want to help Post4VPS to switch to Xenforo.

Unconvincing argument right there!.. The design alone can't be a sufficient reason to justify the mammoth work underlying any platform switch.. I'm saying this while not taking into account the fact that the switch will be made from a free to a paid platform!!.. which is just insane in its own right!..

So, my question to you, @Pacific Spirit, is why do you want Post4VPS to switch to Xenforo?..
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Although Xenforo looks nice, I am afraid it is not a good idea for Post4VPS to switch away from the current MyBB platform.

Bottom line is MyBB has been working fine here. And there is an old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Smile

Have moved the discussion to Suggestions and Feedback Forum.

Thanks for offering your assistance @Pacific Spirit. Looks like the majority support myBB for now. If this should change in future, we will reopen this discussion.
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  
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