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Rejected A new board suggestion
Hello guys
I have a suggestion
What if we got a new board called "Films and Series reviews"?
We can gain some post count by replying no our best film/series and we can also post our favorite film/series
So what do you think about this board?
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This can be used as a movie recommendation board too. I support this suggestion.
Well, that is good suggestion, I support it as people will post recommendations about movies, I like to watch useful movies on my leisure time, reviews can be seen earliest too.
I'm not against nor for this suggestion but hasn't the hobby forum been created for exactly this? Seems so to me. The only difference is that of course you can post about any other hobby there, too. So you could (and many do) post there about music as much as about movies and TV shows (including Cartoons and Anime).
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Next thing I am going to demand separate boards for north and south indian film industry and for pakistan and hollywood. Then I want boards for each prominent actors. Why not your favourite painters / singers / music genre board while we are at it ?

I think we do not want to turn it into a small time movie review site by nerds for nerds. So the already running recommendation threads seem sufficient to me.
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Well I haven't seen lots of threads about movies here so far. We have the chain topic The last movie and also TV series Currently Watching. Apart from those there aren't many related topics so I don't think there will be enough activity in a board like that. Plus in the thread The last movie watched, we are supposed to leave a review about the movie we watched.

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I agree with @Hidden Refuge point of view about there already being a hobbies board. What we could do is to put a sub-board under hobbies and keep all of the movie threads together under it.
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I also agree with @Hidden Refuge, I also post one of my favorite movie The Greatest Showman (Thread here) and i believe Offtopic forum and it's subboards are totally for spam and those thread that doesn't fit on another forum/boards.
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I think the current Hobbies forum should be good enough, and no need to add more subforums inside it.

It is quite obvious that the original intention of creating the Hobbies forum was to accommodate as many different hobbies as possible, including films/movies.
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Looks like majority agree that there is no need for a separate board for movies. There may be an idea later on to check whether all of the movie threads can be grouped together in a sub-group under hobbies. But the hobbies sub-forum is still relatively young. Let's see how it does in the foreseeable future.

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