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SAMP Updates will be discontinued. (DEAD)
Hello guys,
Im here to discuss with you about the decision that Kalcor made (SAMP Developer)
He decided to make 0.3.9 and remove all 0.3dl support.
I got that from a samp server announcements
"@everyone As everyone might know, SA-MP decided to release its last security update without 0.3.DL support. As said this will be the last update for SA-MP. The 0.3.DL installer has also been removed by the SA-MP team.

I have decided to keep on 0.3.DL and not to move over to the new version 0.3.9 for now.

If you are unaware of the current situation of SA-MP, I suggest you start reading the SA-MP forums because it's going nuts."
Kalcor (SAMP Dev) posted some replies on a topic on samp forum.
"Yeah, I'm done. I haven't officially called it because there's always a chance of a security update or something.

Nobody who has been around as long as me still plays this game. If they're here at all, it's only to chat with people they met years ago.

You're wasting your time writing a SA-MP script from scratch, unless it's something that interests you. There are already loads of scripts out there.

You wouldn't start a SA-MP server in 2019. If you want to make something involving SA-MP, build a gaming community with a forum etc and run multiple games.

I've been planning to move to linux desktop for a long time. There's a shift in that direction among computing professionals and scientists."
"My purpose posting in this thread is to make everyone aware that SA-MP development is coming to a close.

I never asked for a debate over DL. I've been pretty clear that I have no intention of adding DL features to the next security update.

We can figure out what specific features will be included internally. There's no need for any polling or hashtag protests.

The reason I consult owners of large servers is because they're paying to run the servers and spend more time with this mod than anyone else. If server owners are rude to us or try to screw us over, I generally just ignore them."
So yeah i think that  end this is SAMP endSad
What do you think?
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