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Scheduled Maintenance - Post4VPS Host
We have recieved the following email from Post4VPS Hosting Provider:
Quote:IMPORTANT: If you are receiving this message your VPS will be offline during this scheduled maintenance window.

We have recently posted in our blog that we will be upgrading all new and current services to a newer and better processor. This is a free processor upgrade that should give your VPS up to 20% performance boost. You can read about the blog post over here:

When: Sunday, May 12th, 2019
Time: 11am PST
Duration: 2 hours

Your VPS will be offline during some or most of the duration of this maintenance. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us by opening a support ticket.

Which means the Forum would be unavailable in those time period.


Thanks for letting us know.

And glad to hear that this forum will probably get 20% faster after the upgrade. Another good news for the Post4vps community.

hyperexpert... seems to be a nice provider. Smile
Special thanks to VPSVortex for a great KVM VPS.

Relative to my Internet I'm not sure how much faster it can get with post4vps.  I've never found post4vps to be slow yet.  It was slower when I was in South Africa but then I was on ADSL and didn't expect super fast - and it wasn't that slow that it worried me - it was normal speed for me.  But where I am now in Canada, I'm on high speed Internet - I'd like to see how much faster it can get when the VPS is 20% faster.. Tongue
[Image: 4ax8Kok.png]
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my super fast VPS 9!
- DH Blog

I don't feel that Post4Vps is slow!
But does anyone want to close this thread?
Pak Tua adalah Pak President !

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