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Tell us about your Black Friday Wish List. What and where are you planning to buy?
Black Friday this year is on 27 November.  The objective of this discussion is to share info with other members about the products on your wish list for Black Friday and learn what and where they can be available on the Web.  We assume you've already Googled the products you're interested in, and know where to get them when Black Friday comes around.  

Quite a number of us like to postpone some of our hardware or software purchases until Black Friday, when there's supposed to be really good deals available in the market that can create good savings for us or even make the product affordable.  This includes hosting accounts, domains, hardware, VPSs, phones .... and more.  

Also, if you are into Black Friday, but not really going to buy anything, but do pick up on really good deals that relate to the members of Post4VPS who are interested in Black Friday lets hear from you too.

Please note:  Post4VPS's Anti-Spam Rules will be strictly applied here as it is a topic that may lend itself to spam. One-liner posts that don't have any real content in them - i.e. just list a name - will also be removed from the discussion. Only post if you are sincerely interested in the topic and have something to contribute that is meaningful with substance in it. We're looking at posts that describe the products you're interested in as well as where you will be buying them and why they are a great deal.  Or products on offer for Black Friday that have the potential of being a great bargain and can be of interest to this topic. We assume you've already Googled the products - don't ask Google type questions as they will be removed as well.
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I am searching for a good economical smartwatch non branded, but whenever i compare price and specs i go confused which one is better. and scam is a big reason to not still buy one. 10.10 deal started on a nationwide seller of alibaba. i wish someone here a smartwatch lover who have good experience to suggest a good one for me.
I have my eye on a couple things at the moment, I need new pots and pans for the kitchen haha, so that is probably one of the more boring things, but my local computer supply store is also rumoring to put the Intel i9 Comet Lake 3.7ghz 10-core processor on sale or bundle it with the Radeon Sapphire RX 5700, so that would take my restored Mac G5 to be spec'd at almost a brand new MacPro. We will see how the cards fall with that, but if I can save money and get my studio quality production Mac I am all for it.
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well i was thinking what to buy but i am not sure yet. because i need everything. i havnt bought a new phone since 2015 or 2016. same goes for computer or everything that related to tech. everything is getting older and slower and i was thinking it was time to get new tech stuff. also i wanted to start getting into the bitcoin business and buy several miners. i was thinking of getting some of the miners and start my own bitcoin place. i dont know how much it will cost on black friday since i have not found any topic that says about bitcoin miners and black friday prices.
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Most likely nothing for myself. I might look out for things that I can buy as a present for christmas and upcomng birthdays. That said I actually did a bit of present shopping for christmas already on Amazon Prime Day. And for the rest I have other kind of presents already. Not sure... maybe but if I look at it right now I have present for christmas for everyone already.

Chance is small but maybe I will get something for myself that I have been looking for since a long time. A alarm gun for self protection or an expansion for my NAS (although that will cost about 2x - 3x more than the alarm gun).

Alarm Gun - cal 9mm (Glock 17 like)
[Image: 60345c.jpg]

[Image: wd120efaxhd.jpg]
Here in my country, Black Friday is not exactly that common because Friday is a sacred day of the week. Instead we have White Fridays xD

Anyways, I will probably be looking for a good laptop harddrive to add onto my current laptop as currently the rates here are out of reach (mainly due to coronavirus), I hope I am successful at grabbing a good harddisk. (Already have a ssd)
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In our country too, There is no concept of Black Friday though due to some religion point of view which i'm not gonna explain, Getting to the point of thread, I have been thinking to buy some SATA SSDs for my Servers for hosting some CSGO Servers for loading times and all, However i might order SSDS from Aliexpress because the prices does not actually decrease in local markets or onlne local shops on Black Friday. i might order a phone from another country somehow, And some Memory for my personal PC.
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