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The Last Movie You Watched
Dangerous Minds (1995, USA, IMDb) - An ex-Marine turned teacher struggles to connect with her students in an inner city school.

A old school classic movie. Remember the music video for a legendary Rap song "Gangsta Paradise" by Coolio. A great movie. Also worth to watch is "187".
Last movie is "Red cliff" Releases 2008, Chi bi (original title), IMDb rating is 7.4
Genres: Action | Adventure | Drama | History | War
Pure Chinese.

I watched Spawn (1997). Only discovered this movie last week while checking movie trailers. It's a decent movie, not great but not bad idea. Hasn't received positive reviews from movie critics. I would say it's a profitable movie since they earned 87 million with cost of 45 million. The charactor remind me hybred of Venom and Dr. Octupus. I only found it later that villion, Clown was John Leguizamo. Visual Effects and everything is pretty good for it's time. I would give the movie 7/10.

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

Today evening I have watched a movie that is first in a series of movies. Funny enough I actually watched the whole movie series in a (wrong) random order. I watched the second movie of the series first by accident (not knowing there was a previous movie), after that the third movie (released last year) and just today the first one.

London Has Fallen (2016, USA/UK, IMDb) - "In London for the Prime Minister's funeral, Mike Banning is caught up in a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders." ~ Secret Service Agent protects the US president during an assault in the UK and saves his life by preventing an beheading style execution that would be live streamed world wide.

The order of the movies series is:
1. London Has Fallen
2. Olympus Has Fallen
3. Angel Has Fallen

A great movie series with Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart. Worth a watch.
Yesterday, I received some leisure time and I wached a movie named Thrissur Pooram. The film is full of fights and I didn't like the theme. It is all about fights and killings. A don becomes the hero. Lot of violence including striping dress of a girl.
I amazed how on this earth at twenty first century gets such a work.
My rating : 7/10
I have enjoyed my Sunday in fishing with friends. Unfortunately we did not catch any fish. After wasting 3 hours we decided to watch a movie in Cinema. We have watched the movie " Marjavaan " This is a very great movie. It is a story of love. The story of the movie is great but in this time these types of movies are not so good. i don't recommend it to a movie lover. I will rate it 5/10.

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Last movie i watched was an Arabic movie, called "The Money"
Its really a good movie, talking about a scammer who tried to scam a girl and take all of her money and then she realizes that and she gives him a bag full of white paper instead of money, he said that he learned from his mistakes and that he has to stop scamming. After 1 week he returned to his old job (scamming) hahaha
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