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Thread for Game Server Hosters.
Hello there, Hope everyone is doing good! 

So, I noticed that forum has been a little inactive for a while and even i was inactive for a month, So decided to post this threads. 

If you are hosting or have hosted game servers in past what is or what was the biggest issue you have faced till now.

I would give my side of the story as well

I used to used CSGO Servers in 2018-2019 one was 5v5 and one was Deathmatch, My servers ran really smoothly and had no performance issues at all and i had really strict rules so people always liked my server. Even though after restarting my server usually went full in few seconds. In competition many players opened up their servers and started DDOSING my server like every minute, but it didn't affected my player count at all. I used many measures to block off many attacks but could not do anything for the paid booters they used. I received almost like 15GB/s DDOS every 10 minutes. (Thats what my ISP recorded not sure if thats true) but it could be after looking what booter they were using.) So eventually had to close it down my servers due to DDOS because  it was affecting the ISP alot. 

Did you have face any issues in past i would love to hear your story

Thanks to ReadyDedis and Post4VPS for the amazing VPS 7!

In 2007-2012 my friend and I created a Habbo Retro using an emulator that I had found and then custom built on. The hardest part with what I did was my emulator was so glitchy at first that the server would never stay up longer than about 35 minutes before I would discover issues with memory leaks or the emulator would shed connections randomly. We had a Windows Server 2008 with like 2GB of Ram if I remember correctly. I got really solid with maintenance hours and learning C# and C so I could privately test emulator builds then migrate live version over to the new revision. I think at the end of it's days before the company that held the copyrights started shutting all of us down, I would have about 500 users online at one time then would be down for 5 hours Sunday to run updates and maintain the VPS we had.
Thank you to CubeData and Posts4VPS for the services of VPS 8.

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