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What Security software for Windows Vista

What security software do you recommend on Windows Vista? I need so thing that will be easy to install and use. I'm not sure whether there is a good solution, but I think it's worth trying, as Widows Vista has many advantages that are very useful. First of all, the system is quite simple and fast to install.  Second, it doesn't require any special edition of VirtualBox. Even though I am running it in using this method, I have enabled shared folders, so I am worried about the security of my host computer. I know that many people will say not to go on dodgy websites etc, but the system could easily be hacked still, as it has network access and might infect my entire network.


  • Windows Vista is one of the worst Windows versions that ever existed. Regardless of the service packs it has received. A overly annoying UAC and other things...
  • Windows Vista has no support for Microsoft (11.04.2017 < end of Vista support).
  • Due to the point above you will NOT get any updates (not even security updates) for Windows Vista.

You shouldn't be using Windows Vista if you even care a bit about the security of your system! Unfortunately Windows 7 is no solution to this issue because its support ends in 2020.


You could use Windows 8.1 which has extended support til 2023! It's faster than Windows Vista and 7 due to the improvements that Microsoft introduced with Windows 8. Faster booting, overall faster performance and other things.


Or simply get the latest version of Windows 10 and use stuff like ShutUp10 to disable all the telemetry. If you don't like the feature updates you can get the Enterprise LTSC version that only gets security updates and no major feature updates that require bascially a OS reinstallation when they're being installed.

Once you have decided which newer Windows version you want to use I would start thinking about protection. As far as I know, if VBox is so important for you, you can still install it normally on Windows 8.1 and 10. If you run the OS inside a VM there is this thing called "Guest Drivers and Addons".
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I think Malware Bytes works on it? If you have no other alternative then I would suggest using that software. Either way its a really buggy piece of software. I even had nightmares now when I used it back in the days. The amount of sluggishness.
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I just do not understand why you are still using Windows Vista.

Apart from upgrading to a newer Windows version, you may consider using linux if you concern about security so much.

In fact, Linux has all the "many advantages" you mentioned. For example, Ubuntu is also easy to install and use. But any recent version of Ubuntu is far more secure than Windows Vista.
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(07-31-2019, 05:27 PM)Hidden Refuge Wrote:  
  • Windows Vista is one of the worst Windows versions that ever existed. Regardless of the service packs it has received. A overly annoying UAC and other things...
  • I remember many years ago when I first had to use Vista.  It was the worst of the worst OS, even in its "current" time.  The place where I was working skipped Vista to Windows 7 Professional.  And did its best to remove it from the few systems that had had Vista on it.  Worst part for me was its incompatibility with other systems and driver issues.

    Windows 7 is dated, however what I can't understand is to use Vista when Windows 7 is available.  If there is something special in that generation of Windows that is needed over Windows 10, then Windows 7, and specifically Windows 7 Professional is so much better to use.

    But OK back to the question of the OP, what security software to use.  I use Microsoft Security Essentials.  It's very easy to install, very light in using resources, and it works.  I find that most of the other better and more well known systems like Kaspersky are too heavy for Windows 7, probably because of Windows 10 definitions that aren't applicable to Windows 7.

    So far Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7, is limited to definitions for Windows 7 OS, as after Windows 7, with Windows 8 and up, Microsoft is using different security software Windows Defender. So I hope to think that as long as Microsoft Security Solutions is still supported, its security software is better to use. It won't slow the system down.
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    I don't know what machines you were running Vista on, but back in the day when I was running Vista I didn't have a single problem. Also, you can disable UAC, it's the same as in Windows 7. But, you should upgrade to Windows 7, as many applications don't support Vista anymore. Chrome doesn't recieve updates for that system, and Steam doesn't even install.
    And also, when I tried upgrading to Windows 7 on my old Vista laptop, it lagged more than Vista. I also LOVE the Vista aesthetic. People assume Vista was bad because they were trying it on their crappy XP computer and complain that it was having problems with the hardware... Of course you will have problems with hardware if you upgrade to a brand new kernel!
    Vista didn't have the full support XP had for 16-bit applications/drivers, so that's also a problem for OLD hardware. It's like you would install Windows 10 on a Pentium III and complained that it lagged and crashed Tongue
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