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Your longest Game Experience
(11-23-2020, 04:16 PM)sAmI Wrote:  Hello there,
I could not seriously think of a title seriously, But i will explain my question a little bit

Question 1 : For how long you have played one game and have you played competitively? 
Question 2 : Have you played the game at the highest level if yes which game was that.

Counter Strike 1.6/GO : 
I have been playing Counter-Strike since i was i guess 6 years old and playing since then till now. I had over 12-13K Hours in 1.6, I played that much at that time. I started my competitive journey through joining onliine TeamSpeak Servers and playing for local teams, Then made my own team in 2015 and won over a 600-700 matches and losing 30-40. 1.6 was the most amazing time in my life and even it plays a huge role in learning programming and many stuff, I started to code many plugins for my own servers. I started playing Global-Offensive in 2018 and playing till now for my own team which is LosersGaming, I have reached the highest level at MatchMaking and 3rd Party service FACEIT. Have 4500 Hours in it atm!

Dota 2 : Played DOTA 2 for 6 months, And have played for rank and at a decent level, But after few patches had to leave, since then the game wasn't really the GAME.

Can i hear anything from other people!

I have been playing on one of the mta sa servers (but at the moment due to lack of time much less) I have been playing for 5 years and it is a very attractive server. Yes it is competitive but not like other games. (This is an RPG server) (SAUR server) You can search for this server on Google. This server is running on GTA sa game.

And my second game is Zula which is very interesting. A fascinating shooter game like CS go. (I suggest you try it).
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I believe I have posted here before about flight sim. Therefore I want to share about other game that I have been playing for several months. It's ETS, Euro Truck Simulator. As its title says, it's a simulator for a truck. I do believe you guys have played it before.

Until now, I guess, it has been 3-4 years. I played it usually when I get bored with other game or have no activities to do.
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For me I've been playing Arknights for around a year.
Arknights is a Chinese tower-defense game like Plants vs. Zombies however they are using anime characters and won't offer you a lawn mower as the last silver bullet.Gacha(toy-vending mechanism) included for character owning and it's the mainly only approach so I believe the developer earns great partition of money from here.
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