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massive global cloudflare outage on 2 july, 2019 and what cause it
  I this very informative blog post over at cloudflare (henceforth referred to here as CF ) on the major (over 80 percent) outage of their CDN service on the 2nd of july, 2019 which continued for close to half an hour at the least.

They promised to keep updating the page as more information becomes available.

people are saying that it was another example of the pitfalls of regex. hopefully they will dxpound on thd exact regex they used that caused this.

this is serious fun, guys. I am eagerly waiting besides you all, to know more.

thanks for reading.



page on catastrophic expressions in regex, from the same page.
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This is one of many reasons I hate regexes Tongue Regexes are looking like some garbled, encrypted and obfuscated message... and the worst part is, you mostly include these in readable code. So, you are reading your previously written code, everythings fine, you understand everything... then BAM! They hit you with the regex! XD But really, if you see this: ^(.*?,){11} what do you understand from this when you read it fast? For me, it's like the first line of "I'm the Scatman" XD
Yeah I went through this before, If I am not wrong this is the reason that caused outage of several social media sites( Facebook, Instagram etc )
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I wrote a whole article on it. It was because of implementation of a type of firewall in protection against some js based attack.
The implementation was added globally which caused cpu use surge and then they shut it down which caused 30 minutes of global downtime.
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I'm Cloudflare users, and my website also "destroyed" by Cloudflare when this issue appears.
They already have 2 issues in this year, if I'm not mistaken. The first issue, my website is OK, the second, it isn't.

I actually wanted to see if I still can rely on Cloudflare, as my website actually has medium-flow traffic, so I can say, pretty disappointed.
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As promised by cloudflare, here is the blog post by them detailing how this outage happened. now I am off to read it myself. Enjoy
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Yes, i was aware why my site was not working but i realized that it wasn't my site problem, that was cloudflare outage. Hope that this won't happen again.

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