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which programming language
I think that the easier language to learn for someone with 0 basics of programming is Python. But if you just study the basic concepts of programming you can start using directly C/C++, if you are hardcore, or for better assistence Java/C#.
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C# is good in general. It's flexible, easy to understand, and fun in my opinion.

Javascript however is better if you want to start learning programming, although it isn't as viable if you end up becoming more skilled at programming.
In my Opinion , which programming language that we use is depend on what we need. If we Are creating Game , C/C++/C# is good , because C Language is for building high performance System. If you want to create multi platform app, usually people develop it in Java , because java available on linux and windows. And For Machine Learning and Data Science, people usually use Mathlab or python. If you want to develop website , you may use HTML, CSS , JS for Front End, and PHP, Node.js for Back End

Reference :
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I started with the HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL package and when it comes down to it, these languages are not going anywhere. When it comes to marketability, I think these four are a great jumping off point, as you can see preexisting solutions and then create your own versions of them, really getting to learn the way of the land and being able to create some amazing solutions. For example, I am creating an ergonomic health platform, and it is based using a heavily modified bootstrap theme, with PHP acting as my server side engine. Using that as a base I was able to learn how to serialize my data into a readable JSON to drive content into the iOS app I am developing to work with the system. Good luck! There are a lot of tutorials and resources for you to use, and you can even take open source software apart and see how it works for when you get more comfortable with reading the language.

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