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windows 10 server
Hello everyone i have a question about the network shared folders.
so there is an option on any windows to make a shared folder on local network but the thing is i want to make a several shared folders and lock them with different passwords.
for example the shared folders on my local network is
folder 1
folder 2
folder 3
folder 4
and i want each of them to have a different password. i was able to make the 4 folders with the same password with creating a user and accessing it with username and password but i want a different password to every folder. does anyone knows if it is possible or there is a way to do it? i have looked everywhere in tutorials but none of them gave me the answer i  wanted...
every help would be appreciated Smile
Thank you Post4vps and BladeNode for vps 6!!!
The Windows ACL (access control list) for rights and permission management is based on user accounts, computer accounts (a computer/server is/has its own account in the OS) and their roles. Therefore it doesn't matter whether your user or computer account has a password. Forget the concept of passwords on Windows network shares as access is granted by set permission roles and levels for user accounts, computer accounts or groups containing any of those two (or also groups containing groups).

Additionally you have to grant filesystem permissions for the folder on the first level and on the second level (with advanced network share setup) you can specifically grant share based permissions. Be aware that share based permissions are worthless without the corresponding filesystem permissions. The upper level permissions will not set the necessary low level permissions.

So bascially on NTFS permission level (filesystem) remove everything other than SYSTEM, Administrators, Owner and add the user you want to access the folder and set permissions. It is important to delete "everyone" and "users" from the folder or else they will be able to do atleast reading in the folder for everyone and users can even delete stuff / the whole folder (that's the default permission given by Windows when you create folders). That's not what you want if only a specific user should be able to access the folder and no one else (aside from administrators).

In the advanced share permission you just also delete everyone and add the user that should see the share only (maybe including administrators).

That's about it.

Sadly don't have a Windows system at hand to show you how it should / would look like in the filesystem permission settings.
Alright. i will get into work when i have time thank you for all your help mate Heart
Thank you Post4vps and BladeNode for vps 6!!!

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