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Anime Mega Thread
I recently started watching a popular anime called "Attack on Titan" or Shingeki no Kyojin, and I really really enjoyed it! The twists in the anime are so good and the story itself is a really compelling one! I had no idea what I was missing out on, My friend urged me to watch it because season 4 was about to come. I am now watching season 4 and each episode has been a thrill!!
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This month started the airing of the second part of the second season of Re:Zero...
Well, let's sit down and let it destroy our feeling like this anime is used too...

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I recently watched the golden arcs of Berserk and the newer TV shows from 2016 and 2017. The animation and drawing quality of the 2016/2017 shows is sadly absolute garbage compared to the original Berserk or even the golden arcs. The story however was interesting to see how everything continued. After that I watched Dr.Stone season 1 and a bunch of different Anime movies (Psycho-Pass Movie 3, Goblin Slayer Movie and others).

Currently I'm watching AoT The Final Season and Dr.Stone Stone Wars (season 2).
Hataraku Saibou just released season 2. Right now it's episode 3 and I'm really interested to watch. I have watch up to episode 2 and want to continue. Hataku Saibou (or in English is Cell at Work) is talking about cells in our body, how it works and what it does. It's just like we learn biology in anime! Much much more fun than reading books.
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The second part of the second season of Re:Zero is currently airing... and it is amazing!
Re:Zero is just a must for every anime watcher, it keep surprising and it doesn't seem to lowering down. It is keeping its fantastic story telling so high that waiting a week per episode is a nightmare :V
Man, I love this animation Smile
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I watched the movie Bleach(2018) last week. In general, I like the movie and they have compressed the whole first season into one movie. But I don't they the cast really matches with characters. Rukia actress looks totally different and many other main characters. Even the Renji actor has nothing similar to the character. I wonder if they are going to make another one for season two.
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The second season of World Trigger has started its airing. Compared to season 1 is likely on the down-side. It is always a pain when a good series is handled badly and it get bads on new season. I hope it can improve with the incoming episodes. For now it is a no-no situation.
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