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Lack of quality content, member contributions and interest (state of the community)
(06-10-2019, 04:55 PM)Littlemaster Wrote:  2. More restrictions will result in less activities.
3. This is not an expert forum only of webmasters(most expert webmasters will have their own business), but also it attracts students and new developers. Newbies may not post tutorials or technical things, if only VPS matters allowed or counted they will not be able to get started.
These are excellent points @Littlemaster.  I've forgotten how it was when I joined in March 2018.  I enjoyed posting at in comparison with, because of the much looser restrictions here.  I felt much more relaxed than at where I felt the restrictions and overeager mods to implement them were killing posts and the effort to write them.  When one feels relaxed, one normally is much less self aware and the writing comes much easier.

I also agree with you that the people we want to get to join the Forum aren't on the level of Webmaster - the VPSs and quality of VPS aren't necessarily of a high-end level that justifies high-end posts.  I've forgotten about that too.  Good that you brought this to the discussion table.

Having said that though, there are members who sometimes post much lower quality than we know they can.  I'm talking about those who are making 20 posts per month and are pushing them to the end of the month.  Then make one-liners that don't make a contribution to the topics. I think most of us are worried about posts of that quality - i.e. the person can write better.  And we do appreciate those who aren't as good at posting, but still try their best to present their thoughts as best as they can.  Real effort at any level of writing is always appreciated in a Forum.  

The lack of quantity and quality of posts is not limited to though.  I've seen it at other Forums too.  Not sure whether the advent of Facebook and whatsapp has led to people getting more and more lazy with their writing, and preferring to write a few words with strange spelling and grammar, rather than thoroughly thought through writing.  For me it's sad of course as I love well written posts and it gives me so much pleasure when I find someone taking the trouble to write a good post and one can see that the author must have spent a long time with it, self-editing his words and presenting it so every one can follow his thoughts - such as we find from Hidden Refuge for example.   It would be terrible for me if the art of writing good posts will disappear completely.  It worries me too.  Not sure how one can solve it though.

Maybe @Littlemaster could introduce his students to post4vps?  Would it help if we talked to teachers and bring more students to post4vps?
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Another problem is people have different interests so sometimes topics or tutorials don't get going at all. For example I remember few tutorials about game severs I haven't posted in those since I have no clue about game servers. Same like I add topics to search engine optimization section, time to time but rarely the members have interest in subject like those. Same can be told about earn money section. Sometimes I wonder if nobody earn money or even optimize their website sites if they have. Well, I guess it's not a really a problem. But this one reason why I don't make many topics.

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(06-11-2019, 08:07 AM)deanhills Wrote:  Maybe @Littlemaster could introduce his students to post4vps?  Would it help if we talked to teachers and bring more students to post4vps?
Good findings, it is bit late as I left my jobs for further studies, the students were newbies to computer, they were not aware of how to boot computer.
So for their level I don't think they can start posting to post4vps community. They know less about programming and web server.
They may can start with CPanel shared hosting. But post4vps does not offer it.
IT teachers/trainers can help to get more users to community, but we need to know the level of students and the requirements and need to provide some student packs for doing projects .
Now people are behind whatsapp in our state, they often use apps, some ideas to bring those people into post4vps community need to be considered.
* A community app may help?
(06-07-2019, 07:25 AM)Hidden Refuge Wrote:  3. Next up is the lack of interest. By that I mean what I already said above but also a bit more. Some members (no names) don't have any interest to have any kind of respectful communication. When you are trying to help them they evade answering simple questions that would provide information to find a solution. And then there is the general disrespectful way where certain members are absolutely bossy to everyone and everything. This isn't alright at all. They start to be sarcastic in every way when you TRY have a normal communication with them. Last but not least they mostly completely ignore almost everyone else.

There also seems to be barely any interest for the most members to help in support cases. That however might be maybe simply due to lack of knowledge. Otherwise however it is sad to see that only a few people care to help out and provide solutions and tips.

Overall I agree with your observations, but I doubt if it should be simply concluded as "lack of interest".

For those failing to have respectful communications with others, it could be that they are lacking of good communication skills. This is not something unique in this forum.

And for those not offering help in support cases, it could be that they are just "lacking of time" at that moment. In addition, sometimes the support requests were not expressed clearly and I needed to spend time guessing what exactly the problems were.
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(06-10-2019, 12:44 PM)Rehan Wrote:  Post count in these sections should be disabled.Or the monthly posts should be counted if the post score is atleast 5 or more.

No more restriction please. Like @deanhills said, I also agree, what brings me to P4V and more loyal (even I know P4V from FVPS, but I love P4V more than FVPS) is because it's not too restricted. I can enjoy my time here, without too much restriction.

We gotta get the point, why we're reaching a deadlock here. Not just @Administrator to think about it, but we should think what to do.
In the other hand, we're increasing in member counts, but they're going to be inactive/passive members, for example, @OldMeister. He's a member here, sometimes he checks the forum and see, if there is any Windows VPS available or not, if there is no Windows VPS, he leave the forum, and comeback to check in the other months (or giveaway).

Why he is like that? To get the actual point, I would say, contact him, and ask why. But this step only be effective if he's an old member, how about the new member? New member mostly register-look the forum-leave and forgot the forum. Why is it like that? Mostly, they will answer, the website is not catching their attention. Second, the restriction is too high, but I would say it's OK right now.
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