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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Steam Game.
(06-27-2018, 05:35 PM)Hidden Refuge Wrote:  Actually no, you cannot play Pugb without Steam on a computer. Pubg for computers requires a Steam account as mentioned on their own site (see quote below). The XBOX version obviously don't need Steam as there is currently no Steam client for consoles (SteamOS consoles excluded).

When you check out their own store it actually says the following at the bottom:

Personally I don't play this game and I'm not even interested in it. So I didn't buy it and don't look forward to buying it in the future. I've seen a lot of cheating videos online, a lot and I mean really a lot of complaints about cheaters in the forums of the game and on the Steam hub of Pugb. It is one of the massive negative points. Pubg already banned a lot of accounts of cheaters but they're still a issue.


Just check the rating of the game on Steam and all recent reviews. It says "Mostly negative" for recent reviews and somewhat balanced for overall ratings due to all the old hype reviews. Often also very visible how people who complain about real issues are treated by the developers.

Well, I'll stop at this point. I don't support such developers and money greedy people like them. Sold over 50.000.000,00 copies already of the game for the same price and probably tons more for less on key sites and etc... Still not enough money? Let's introduce skins, etc and not this season pass thing to milk even more money out of people.

I mean the emulator of PUBG for PC. You can run it smoothly if you have the gigs.
Sad, i cant install it Sad
I have 3 GB ram Confusedhrug:
Any solution :3
Ahh, don't get me started one the buggy side of this game. Truly unbearable. The developers don't listen to shi^ . It also came out on PS4 with price on $30 and lootboxes. Damn I haven't seen a company that much greedy since EA.
No one knows what the future holds, that's why its potential is infinite
the real pc version does not worth 29$ so i will suggest its better to play the mobile version its a way much better than real pc version and also its free
I play PUBG Mobile Tencent (not Steam version) and it's no different from steam version.

You can play it with minimum spec (in my internet cafe). I dont know the spec but it can be set to high graphics
Pubg mobile on my phone is like I'm hacking everytime.
I have 25 winner winner chicken dinner. And 0 losses.
No jokes. I nearly died but killed him with my last bullet.
Sadly, I cannot play PUBG or any other games on my PC. My PC is mainly used for development purpose.
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(12-30-2018, 09:44 AM)perryoo11 Wrote:  Pubg mobile on my phone is like I'm hacking everytime.
I have 25 winner winner chicken dinner. And 0 losses.
No jokes. I nearly died but killed him with my last bullet.

You probably encounter a bot . This game have a lot of bots and most bots is extremely easy to beat . Espescially if you just started the game with low rank like bronze
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(09-09-2018, 11:05 PM)youssefbasha Wrote:  Sad, i cant install it Sad
I have 3 GB ram Confusedhrug:
Any solution :3

Your RAM is low. What about the graphics card? The game will surely lag if you don't have dedicated graphics card. 

The processor also matters. Non gaming PC lacks if it also has 8 GB RAM, mine does.
Never played pubg in mobile or android and don't wanna download the game due to low PC configuration in both PC and mobile I'm happy to play in MTA
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