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Pubg mobile full of cheaters
(09-15-2020, 09:12 AM)tryp4vps Wrote:  There are good developers and bad developers.  

For those bad developers who do not care about their games and do not want to spend time improving the quality of the games, just let them go.  

The market will decide, and eventually only the games maintained by good developers will survive.  Smile

The thing i'm saying that, When the good developer games grows they will evantually stop maintaining it much. They will update it but not that much. For taking example of VALORANT, It's updated the anti-cheat is great in "someways". But now i'm getting more cheaters, I'm not sure why. There will always be cheaters in every game which i accept. But when the developers are gonna take such such long timeee, People will tend to lose interest more quickly.
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(09-16-2020, 01:31 PM)ikk157 Wrote:  You’ve stated a great point... cheaters will almost always be cheaters... even if the developers went out of their way to patch the exploits that cheaters use to cheat.... that usually will only stop the cheaters temporarily.

Some are so determined to the point where they’ll go out of their way to find new exploits and loopholes.... kind of sad in my opinion, like what happened to the good old days where people would play the game for enjoyment, rather than just to abuse everything they’re capable of doing.

The issue also lies on the devs themselves, things such as pricing items way too high or making games too hard are one of the key reasons cheaters even exist!

Pubg is no exception! It’s no wonder why you find tons of cheaters playing it.

About "pricing items way too high or making games too hard are one of the key reasons cheaters even exist!".
I agree with your statement , and developer usually make the item price so high because developer want to stabilize the economy of the game , so there are will be OP player and normal player. And because the pricing item too high make the game more difficult, because the game more difficult , thats make the game more interesting and challanging . So The Player Must Play All days to get that item . And for who impatient , become cheater is like shortcut and make it easier for them
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i agree and disagree @Arkiven4
about the pricing items way too high or making them hard. i agree because usually there are less cheaters on paid games and more stronger anti-cheats and the game become not worth it to cheat, because if you cheat and get banned you will have to spend more money to get back in the game and most of the high price game does not have a free hacked version so it will be a problem for cheaters to cheat on it. and i also disagree about this high price and hard game because some players would not like to play all day to get an item, they will just get tired and will be mad they spent so much money and will make bad reviews and maybe ask for a refund. in my opinion its a big mistake to make high prices for games who worth half of it.
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pubg star is dimming because of hackers and how they milking their players money i suggest you try playing knifes out its the Chinese pubg they have english version of it too both available on playstore there is no hackers on it and the physics and aim and graphics is way better than pubg the only downside that there not much english speaking players
It will hard for them to find out hackers and ban them even pro YouTubers ,conquers players use hacks with limited usage to avoid more kills reason why some hackers never caught main thing is if you use host files ,game guardian then it will easy to find ,but if you use obb files then it will hard for tencent security staffs to find hackers ,recently I seen tencent left pubg due to Indian data leak issue so may be now it will be more easy for Indian players to use hacks and push up rank easily
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(09-16-2020, 07:42 PM)sAmI Wrote:  The thing i'm saying that, When the good developer games grows they will evantually stop maintaining it much. They will update it but not that much. For taking example of VALORANT.......

I understand your frustration but I would not call them good developers if they stop maintaining their games as the games grow.

My definition of good developers is that they should mainly focus on their game quality, and not just their financial income. Smile


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