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The Last Movie You Watched
I've seen two excellent Gerald Butler movies during the last week:

1. Angel has Fallen (2019)
This is a sequel to the previous Fallen Series (Olympus has Fallen and London has Fallen) about Gerald Butler's challenging task to protect the American President. Also featuring Morgan Friedman again as the President.  Great movie with non-stop action.  My kind of action movie.  Best part for me was the surprise appearance of Nick Nolte as Gerald Butler (Mike Banning in the movie)'s father for the first time in the series.  Acting was excellent.

2. Hunter Killer (2018)
This is not part of the Fallen Series but for me was even better than the one of 2019, particularly because of a different story line, which has to do with a threatening war between Russia and the US due to a Russian rogue Army General trying to provoke war by attacking a US submarine.  Gerald Butler then had to come to the assistance, discovered the problem, saved a Russian submarine admiral whose submarine had been sabotaged by the same rogue Army General to further provoke war.  The rogue Russian general then takes the Russian President in custody, who then gets extracted and saved by a US Marine team averting the war right at the last minute.  Action is even more thrilling than Angel has Fallen.  Kept one at the edge of one's seat throughout the movie.  Pace of movie was super fast.
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Its a great move based on an Android app which tells you when you are going to dye but you have to accept the terms first which is you dont have to do anything to change your destiny.
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Yesterday i saw "Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)" it's late to see because i am waiting for good FHD print in dubbed version. i hate HDCam Rip.

Wached Twins (1988). A Schwarzenegger movie. It's a quite nice comedy. Nothing fancy on it just a basic movie. I think script could have been lot better. Schwarzeneggers and Danny DeVito's acting along made it's a decent movie. I can only give it about 6.5 / 10. Well Im gonna look for some of those old Danny Schwarzenegger movies.

~ Be yourself everybody else is taken ~

Last night me and my friends have watched the movie " Housefull 4 ". For me it is a great start of 2020 Tongue. One of the best comedy movie. It is a Bollywood comedy movie. If i rate this movie according to its category it 10/10. Loved it Heart

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Yesterday i watch "Blade Runner 2049 (2017)" quit old but nice movie. make my stress go away .


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