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This last game you played?
The last game I played where he

gta v and v metal gear solid the phantom pain
My last game was Grand Theft Auto V PC, pretty good overall. It offers a large number of adjustable options to tailor the game to the strengths, or weaknesses, of our setup.
I think I played GTA V. I didn't even think that it would work on my machine but surprisingly it did. Big Grin
i forget what i played last but remember it was android game, may be it was Avenger or Blood zombies HD but yeah i love android games more then PC games i last played game on PC was PSI ops. Big Grin
[Image: a3ad5cfbf5.png]
[Image: trk1]
League of Legend of course, the best game out right about now lol. I don't play games occasionally but when I do its LoL.
My last game that I played was Far Cry 3. I'm planning to try Far Cry 4, and the ancient Far Cry Primal too.
My last game ?? oh well, actually i play randomly lol. and i forgot it, but i think the last game that i played was Sid's Meiers Beyond The Earth
my last game was Splinter Cell blacklist and Hitman Absolution
Loved Hitman absolution, waiting eagerly for hitman agent 47
Thanks to Post4Vps
my last game was Counter Strike GO and Fifa 14.
i will play Far Cry soon Smile i love this games Big Grin
CS:go , 1.6 , PES 2016.

Fun to play FPS then sport games Big Grin

Challenge games are the best in the gaming world
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