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Poll: What device do you use most of all to post in the Forum? Desktop computer/laptop/tablet/smart phone/other?
Desktop Computer
Laptop Computer
Smart Phone
Other - if other please let us know in a post which device you are using.
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What device do you use to post in the Forum? Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/SmartPhone/Other??
We've had discussions like these before.  So am curious to update this information.  What device/s are members using as their main device/s for posting in the Forum. Desktop computer/laptop computer/tablet/smart phone or other? Using a phone to just look at posts doesn't count - but if you are posting from more than one device I've enabled multiple choice for answers.  I'm interested to know what your main device/s is/are for posting in the Forum.

Would be nice if you could discuss your choice in a post as well, and let us know what and why you prefer those devices.

If you are using a smart phone to post in the Forum, possibly you could also discuss challenges that are experienced with the Forum script while you are using your smart phone. If your smart phone is your main device for posting in the Forum, how do you think post4vps can improve your experience to make it easier to post by smart phone?
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I mostly use Desktop to post over here , I once noticed on my smartphone that we cant see "Last Activity" sidebar on phone , since that is a quick a way to get to know on whats happening , so i had to select "Desktop site" in chrome to get the last activity.
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I always use desktop and only 10 to 15 % i use Laptop for this purpose. but never use my handy for this. i have computer work official job. so i keep connected with forum all the day. and checkout updates.
I use both desktop computer and smart phone, thus I have voted for both of them.

My logic is simple: When I am at home, I often use desktop computer to post in the forum. When I am not at home, I use smart phone instead.

I use my Smartphone (Sony Xperia ZR) to do everything (Use as Smart Assistant, Browsing, Playing Games, Developing Systems, Watching Movies, Etc.

I also access Post4vps on my smartphone! But I activated Desktop mode!

I just often use Computer to Manage Personal Web, Anime Blogs and sometimes I play games there!
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i use smartphone mostly. may be i should say almost exclusively nowadays. cause i spend some of my free time or in-between time to do my thing here.
i think the performance and facilities are adequate to my needs. but then I'm a guy who can adjust to impossible levels. haha
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75% I'm using a desktop computer to browse and post on Post4VPS and many other sites. The other 25% are me using my 10" tablet to browse Post4VPS. I'm not doing much on the tablet though. Even if it is 10" in size it is still a big pain to use the touch screen to do things like writing long replies or threads. I do have a wireless keyboard and a OTG for USB-C so I simply could use the keyboard but still not the same great experience as using a desktop computer or a notebook.
These days it's 100% Desktop computer. I don't use Smart Phone for any browsing either I'm not at home or out of the city. I really hate typing in a smartphone. xD Well I used to have a 10 or 11 inches Tab which I used to lots of things. But it only lasted 2 years. Not surprising since its just a Chinese model which rebranded by a local company. First, it has started unresponsive to touch. It was under warranty period so they replaced the whole touch plate. and Then the same thing happened 4 months later and by then the warranty period had ended.
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To write on this forum I use mainly Desktop and Laptop devices.
I could also use my smartphone but I am having problems with typing and themes: my phone automatically picks up the "Responsive theme" that doesn't work very well.

Still I use my smartphone to surf and read posts.
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