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Windows 11 has been announced
(07-18-2021, 04:47 PM)tryp4vps Wrote: Hey man, if you have not tried it yourself, you may scroll back a few pages on this topic...... as Mashiro already mentioned he could install Windows 11 on an virtual machine with no TPM and on an MBR partition with legacy mode.

And the most important thing is: he did it without ANY hacks at all. Smile

Yes, I simply went to UUPDump and downloaded the script that generated the latest version (at the time I wrote the post) of Windows 11 Insider Preview ISO. And after that I simply installed it on a VirtualBox VM on a ThinkPad T570 with a Intel Core i5 6th Gen CPU. No TPM/SecureBoot in VirtualBox for that matter. No supported GPU and as mentioned a unsupported CPU. It installed fine.

[Image: zHHqO5Q.png]
[Image: zHHqO5Q.png]
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