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So guys, what browser do you use for surfing the web? I used Chrome but I use Firefox these days.
I use Google Chrome
Although Firefox is also good
But Chrome browser more convenient
My vote goes to firefox as it dont track my data like chrome. Smile

Chrome is also good as it is widely using these days(because it is a product from Google Inc).
[Image: a3ad5cfbf5.png]
[Image: trk1]
OMG this post is so funny because I was just thinking about this. I used chrome for so long then they stopped supporting java which kinda pissed me off a bit. So after a few more months of using chrome I started to notice that their was a load of things that firefox supported that chrome didnt as well as the view of the whole browser and saving and caching data and such. I decided to test firefox out for a week and decided to just delete and stop fooling around with chrome. I am not happily a firefox user.
Google Chome for personal browsing. Firefox for work related browsing. UC browser for android smartphone.
I use Chrome for all of my works. but recently I had some problems (javascript) with Chrome and I decided to move back to Firefox. but I feel like it's kinda heavy compared to Chrome.
In the past I liked Internet Explorer, and then when Firefox was released I switched to it.
After a few years later when Chrome was released then I switched again.
And I use Opera for mobile connections too for data savings purpose.
I like Google Chrome, I use Opera Mini on mobile, it does not work well with some modern websites.Between better than UCBrowser because it can load slower pages, not having an easy time out like UC.

Thank you  Sweet

firefox is the best, because more add-on supported on firefox than chrome, i like to style my firefox theme by stylish. its great add-on ever taht u can customize ur web pages client side
No doubt firefox is my choice.

Firefox has many useful addons and at least you can filter any unwanted ads easily.

You get far more useful and custom options than Chrome too.

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