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Best? Chrome vs firefox
(10-15-2018, 05:44 AM)Abinash Wrote:  You sure that it was chrome eating all ram? Lol
Do try once again and you will find that it's Firefox hhh.

Apart from privacy issues with chrome, it's the best one out there. Firefox comes when you don't want your privacy being sent to Google.

If you don't believe me watch this vid,
Independent benchmarks:

Privacy is a top thing too, also the extension plays really well.
For some reason, even Firefox is now eating up all of my memory. Just like how Google Chrome used too. Using around 2-3 GB, makes the device perform real slow. Firefox should fix that up or it will be another Chrome.
@Lampard probably because these two highly used browser always having an update, every updates there are changes. We can't compare the current from before since their software are really upgrading from time to time. Though this will benefit for both developers and users, in fact isn't their are FREE to use? so we can't really complain, what we can do is to get those upgrade to our machines.
I once again tried firefox, the new version quantum, and it's still eating more ram than chrome like the previous versions, lol.
Just switched from Firefox to Chrome. There were memes around the Internet about Chrome sucking RAM. But do I really care? No. I care about the performance I get. I had a great experience with Firefox until it started lagging my PC and consumed CPU usage more then ever(It wasn't a bitcoin mining stuff). After that, I did many things like taking out my CPU and cleaning it to boost it's performance.

Edit :- Yea, I wrote an article about it and I am actually not advertising it.. I just want peoples to read how I optimized my PC's performance.

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