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Free GTA V on Epic Games Store
unfortunately . this free giveaway turned some cheater and modders to cheat the online part of the game due to the game free , because it is free (for limited time) the cheaters and modders doesnt find any consequences from cheating because they can get the game for free (for a limited time)
[email protected]:~$ Thanks To Shadow Hosting And Post4VPS for VPS 5
I have been playing GTA for last week and i just encountered mostly 3 hackers right now, One was flying and one was aimbotting, But Rockstar games service just go down time to time.
I can say players with low end pc mostly with DX10 Cards, just tested GTA online on multiple DX10 Cards like 9800GTX+ and so on, Does not work pretty well. Singleplayer works fine.
Thanks to ReadiDedis and Post4VPS for the amazing VPS 7!


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