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Is There a Time Limit for Post Editing in this Forum ?
(05-15-2020, 04:15 PM)fChk Wrote:  If it was always there when it's ON then it wasn't working for me! That much I can say. The only time it did work was when it was off.

Anyway, just did a test and things seem to work. For the time-cap, 24hours or 2.5 days are both okay. The important things is its existence and that we know which one is enforced, to avoid the upsetting result of unexpected mergers.

Thanks a lot @deanhills!

OK got it @fChk.  Not sure what happened but you have my absolute word that the auto-merging was turned on from the date of my previous closing post 5th of April continuously.  The auto-merging has always been on before you created this thread, but was only temporarily turned off (by keeping the counter blank) during the course of this thread - from 1 April to 5 April.  I did not originally set the auto-merging, however at the time when I disabled it, it had been set for 60 hours.  When we discussed how valuable the auto-merging function was for those with smart phones I turned the auto-merging back on with its original settings of 60 hours time limit.  Then yesterday I decreased the hours to 24 hours.  I've now turned it back to 60 hours again.

I'll close this discussion for now to prevent spam.  If you need to re-open it at any time in future please don't hesitate to PM me. In the meanwhile thank you for your quality feedback and please don't hesitate to let us know if and when improvements are needed.
Thank you to Post4VPS and VirMach for my awesome VPS 9!  

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