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Poll: Should "Private Bug Report" section be added?
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Yes, I think it will be useful.

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No, it isn't necessary and anything such should be reported through PM to staffs.

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ADDED Private Report Forum
Hey there!

I've been quite active on Post4VPS since last year and it looks like the community is growing a bit slower but better. As it grows, the number of members and post count increases(obviously lol). This may sometimes result in mistakes made by admin or moderators in the group. 

These mistakes can be said to be in spellings, grammar and etc. I know most of the staff members here(as far as I can guess), are not native English speaker. But still, professionalism is something that should be maintained when responding to a post that represents action/notice/method taken on behalf of Post4VPS.

Other than that, there can be things that are needed to report to community staff, privately. This can fall into "critical bug" or "flaw" which are noticed by any of our community members. This can be based on priorities. 

The reason behind this thread is I noticed something that needs to be fixed, but I think I already have PM'ed staffs multiple times regarding things that are needed to be fixed. But this time, I think there should be a separate forum for this.

Such a forum board should be kept private like VPS Application. This means, whenever a member post in this forum, it should be only between staff and the one who reported.

(This suggestion may not be "so useful" but for me, I think it should be added. So I think it should be taken into public consideration. Hence, I'm adding poll.)
Sorry, pal. I always thought that this forum was made for such a purpose.


The title hints pretty much what you are asking for with this topic? I remember that the permission on that forum were set wrong for quite a long time but it now seems to be fixed and the forum is private.
With best regards
Hidden Refuge
I liked the suggestion but i think that PMing the admins is a good way too and we can add a report reason for example click to report then choose grammar mistakes in the post reports (already built in forum)
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as @Hidden Refuge said we got:

for private inquiries, issues, reports, and other things that shouldnt become public
@Manal  I'd much rather that if you found something that you wish to critique that you use the report button for that instead of opening a thread like this. Or write to Dynamo.  Like can you please lighten up a little and stop over focusing on my posts.  If there is a problem with a post of mine please report the post.  I have absolutely no problem with the other staff seeing the report.  For me it's absolutely not a big deal.  I also don't think it's a big deal if the staff make the odd spelling mistake - like for me it's the equivalent of them writing with an accent - I know they are trying their best.  Like for me the most important part is that they're genuinely working on the Forum and providing of their voluntary time.  I'm deeply grateful to them for that.  I wish you could be too, as remember, they're not getting paid for doing this work.  We've just had a thread from HR pointing at problems with getting members and quality posts.  For me showing appreciation, even if you're not happy with the odd bit of spelling or mistake, will go a much longer way to making the Forum grow.  For me it's quite ironic (you can check back a couple of years back on the quality of posts then) that the Forum was much much more alive when many more spelling mistakes were made, than it is now when much less mistakes are made.
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(06-12-2019, 08:47 PM)perryoo11 Wrote:  as @Hidden Refuge said we got:

for private inquiries, issues, reports, and other things that shouldnt become public

"You do not have permission to access this page. This could be because of one of the following reasons:"

For me...

Well, looks like the user group you are in has not been set up properly for that forum. As I mentioned before the permission for that forum have been not properly setup some time ago already. Maybe it needs to be adjusted again.

@deanhills @perryoo11 can you take a look?
With best regards
Hidden Refuge
i have edited the permissions please have a look now.
It is still the same. It shows the same above mentioned permission error.
It should be fixed now, please has a check one more time.


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