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What are you guys doing at home -covid lockdown?
Hello guys how are you all ? As many countries lockdown due to corona virus so what are you guys doing at home ? Playing games ? As per me I'm just making my time on playing games like pubg,codm,mta sa but playing games hours is Also not good for health ,before I suppose to go out and play cricket but now playing cricket also not possible some time I feel happy for these corona holidays but sometimes I worried XD let me know how you guys spend the time at home
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Basically nothing. I'm feeling a back pain right now (while writing this). I might need some exercise too since I didn't do exercise for a ... month or two? This is my third week being locked down at home and never go outside at this condition. Any exercise at home tips? Besides of nothing physical activity, I also do exercise for my coding skill at, I would recommend that website to exercise, many language with many challenge are available. Might try Leetcode too, no idea currently what Leetcode is actually.
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That true without excerise body pains will be affect I also gain Some fat now I looks chubby I need to do some exercise on home to avoid fat
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Quarantine for up to 6 months is not a problem for me!
During this warship there is still a supply of food, internet and electricity!

I can do many things at home like playing games, watching anime, studying in online classes!
Even doing crazy things like a pillow fight with my sister!
But if that is felt to be of little use, I will usually continue the project working on my unfinished project!

Btw, if anyone plays Fortnite or Tera Online let me know!
We can play together!
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Hello everyone. Exercise only takes will power. Just do push ups, chin ups, sit ups ( body weight squat) and plank. If your body is very muscular and you can easily do over 25 of an exercise mentioned above, then add some weight or change angle of attack.

you could read on how to make these difficult on YouTube.

I have stopped doing much exercise right now. cause we are not getting enough and balanced food. so i don't know what or how that is going to affect if i do with intensity. Just doing enough to keep me energetic.

And I'm solving loads and loads of math problems. I love math.
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Actually its a routine and i basically hate routines, because here is. i have a final exam of my high school an exam about the high year. so i need to keep my performance i need to study each day so i keep my mind up to date and productive, even here in my country we don't have online learning so , we are students here facing a huge issue because we didn't finish the year, you can imagine but i am trying my best to keep it up and work harder. to achieve my dream. anyway after that i do some push up, i take a rest in the garden, smell fresh air. check the news Instagram Facebook, and at night i do some age of empires 3 for fun and before sleeping i watch Netflix series the currently series i'm watching the casa de papel season 4
Watch this beauty till the end..

So all have there own plans of spending time at home sounds really intresting ,similarly some activities are like I do playing games ,I will start doing some excercise at home
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I am preparing for an exam too. It will be only math. But I wonder if they will reschedule. cause at this rate , the current exam date is going to be right in the middle of when everything is going very bad here. worst situation in our fight against corona.

@Melvin !!! You like age of empires !! oh my ! me too, me too. Not to play, but to watch those people moving around and building things.

I like 1 and 2 more.

Did you try age of mythology ? those civilization games ?
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Work from home are also closed in our organization so just keen spend our time in prayers and done some home works and surfing of internet. and listening of music. sleep well because it is necessary for better immune system.
I have a cute little boy so i do more care about all activities. less outside tours because Lockdown everywhere. shops are only allowed 9AM to 5PM.
This entire covid19 quarantine lockdown situation is extremely confusing.

Currently I’m busy with online classes and a lot of remote work. However, I still try to have a bit of fun every now and then.

I have to say, I miss outside food... definitely the first thing i’ll get once this nightmare is over.
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