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TV Shows You Watch These Days
(02-28-2021, 03:26 AM)deanhills Wrote:  Wow!  How can one have a successful Equalizer without Denzel Washington in the role?  Or someone at least a little like him.

Last night when I was watching a brand new first episode of Law and Order SVU, I couldn't help yawning.  These action series have become so watered down.  No more original sparks, even the actors look as though they've seen better days with tousled locks and washed out faces.  Sorry, maybe I'm being a little unkind.  But there is a time and place for everything, and I think Law and Order has become too much of a template being mass produced, and absolutely losing its charm for me.

I'll check out Equalizer if it should make its rounds here, but to be honest, this new power woman type character for me is also getting to be overkill.  Maybe I'll be yawning with this one too.  Possibly too the name Equalizer should not have been copied from the movie, like every one is probably going to judge the TV series by the movie high standards, and it's going to lose out then.  The Equalizer movie and follow up were awesome.

That's what exactly I thought too. When I was an article about the Equalizer 2021 TV series, I was all time boy this is great. The first shock was this character change. Plus it was given to an actress who usually does comedy roles, Queen Latifah. I really hoped it was Denzel Washington. :c Still I'm going to watch few more episodes but They have upgraded action to the usual TV series level which's a pity.

I heard there going to be a new Sci-fi series released in March. One called Debris. This one sounds interesting. Also, there are 2 Marvel TV series related to Avengers that are coming out. One is Loki and the other is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Another interesting one to come is the Lord of the Rings series. I heard it was quite an expensive production. Also, The Witcher season 2 gonna be released in this year.
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